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Our foundation has a so called “ANBI status”. This means, that we are recognized by the Dutch “belastingdienst” and as such, donations are considered as tax deductible. If necessary, please contact us by mail. We try to work low budget; we ask colleagues for dental materials and equipment. Only the transports of a whole dental office had to be organized and paid. Sometimes we also bought some second hand stuff. Each member of our board is a volunteer, so no payments for their time or whatever.

Some time ago we received a new request for materials, but we will investigate this request before we do donations. Only if we have more information, we will start our help and try to find sponsors.

Experience from the past has taught us that we get the sponsors and the financial help on the moment it is necessary and we have great confidence in that. So it will come on the right moment and it will cover our expenses.

Would you like to support our foundation? Our bank account: NL62 INGB 0006 8011 26 tnv, M. van Gerven, te Wageningen, please quoting: Balkan Dental Help